Maternity, Boudoir, Engagement

Hiring a professional to style your hair and give you the perfect makeup can make a drastic difference in the quality of photos you get from your boudoir session, maternity session, or engagement session. Below is a sample of some of the styles and looks you can achieve for your own personal photoshoot. The looks range from simple and elegant, to ultra feminine and soft to complement the style of your photoshoot. For you boudoir session, you may want your hair down and styled with sexy curls paired with a smokey eye. Or perhaps give your boudoir session a bit of a wild flair! For your maternity session you might want to showcase your classic elegance to play up on the femininity of motherhood. As you venture into the next chapter of your life and discover your new identity, your maternity session could be your opportunity to try a new look and get outside of your comfort zone. For you engagement session, we can provide you with a fresh daytime glam look to match with the non-stop smiles and ask for a lipstick that won’t smudge–you’ll be getting lots of kisses!

All the photos below are from sessions that took place in Niagara, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto, or somewhere within Southern Ontario. Yes, we will come to your location if needed and get you styled on-site!

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